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Natural Beetroot Red

Model No.: BR665
Product Name: Natural Beetroot Red
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: A
Brand Name: Beetroot
PriceTerms: 7 usd per kg
Supply Ability: 500
Detailed Product Description:


Beetroot Red
1.100% natural food colorant
2.Color Value:E3-6
3.Red purple to deep purple
4.Superior quality,Best price

Beetroot Red

Beetroot red is extracted from the root of red beet(Bata vulgaris L.Var rabra.) It’s a kind of water soluble natural red color.

Main ingredient: Betanin

Appearance: Red purple to deep purple powder

Hue: The hue varies with the solution’s PH,PH 3-7,Purple ; PH>10,Yellow.

Solubility: Easily dissolves in water,insoluble in propylene glycol,actone and other fat


Stability: The pigment’s resistance to light is good but to heat is bad in acidic medium

Quality Standard:




Red purple to deep purple

Color Value E 1%,1cm,440±5nm)




Loss on Drying

10% max


5% max


2ppm max


5ppm max

Applications: It is widely used in cool beverages, Milk products, fruit, prepared foods, and other foods, without heating.

Usage: It should be first dissolved in cold water. The maximum dosage in flavored Yoghurt is 0.8g/kg.

Precaution: This pigment is water soluble and stable in acidic and neutral solutions, and becomes yellow in alkaline solutions.

Flow chart:

Raw Material – Crushing -- Immersion in water –Filtering –Purification – Concentration in vacuum—Sterlizing—Spraying & Drying --Powder

Packing & Storage:

Packing: By 20kgs/Carton or 25kgs/Drum, double plastic-bags inside .

Storage :Stored in cool and dry places,keep away from strong light

Shelf-life: One year under proper storage

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