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nutrition supplements

Model No.: Nu-445
Product Name: nutrition supplements
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: A
Brand Name: Nutrition Supplements
PriceTerms: 6000 Usd per ton
Supply Ability: 500 tons
Detailed Product Description:


1.Power 22 is the connection between aged knowledge and mordern science
2.Supporting mental and physical high performance


Power 22 is the connection between aged knowledge and modern science. BlueBio connects Tibetan-Chinese traditional knowledge with modern scientific findings. It contains a composition of vital substances such as trace elements, minerals and vitamins, according to the provisions of Chinese medicine. This combination can support the healthy function of the body. Power 22 stands for top mental and physical performance. Power 22 is particularly suitable for persons under high physical and mental pressure.


- Support mental and physical high performance

- Provide the body with trance elements, minerals and vitamins


spirulina microalgae powder; Chlorella microalgae powder; Dunaliella salina algae powder; Acerola; Lithothamnium algae powder; Horse tail powder; Curcuma; Uncle root; Vitamins, Minerals, etc.


120 capsules / 35g / bottle

30 capsules / 8g / box


120ml brown plastic bottle

Iron box

Recommended consumption:

1-2 capsules twice a day with adequate water, seal the bottle after use and keep in a shaded, cool and dry place.

Nutrient value

Nutrient Value Per 1.18g
Protein 0.25 g
Carbohydrates 0.27 g
Fat 0.02 g
Magnesium 69.2 mg
Vitamin B1 7.04μg
Vitamin B2 5.72 mg
vitamin b6 5.72 mg
Vitamin B12 5.6μg
Vitamin E 7.6 mg
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