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Food Colourant

Model No.: A441
Product Name: Food Colourant
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: A
Brand Name: A
PriceTerms: 1100 Usd per ton
Supply Ability: 5000 tons
Detailed Product Description:


cheapest natural red food Colorant
100% fermented rice
citrinin free
Color value :1000-3000u/g
Brand name ; Jiacheng


Rice Fermented Powder ( color value:1000-3000) is a kind of natural food additive made through solid fermenting.

Brief Introduction:

Rice Fermented Powder is the particular traditional Chinese product with a long history.

It has been recorded in the traditional Chinese pharmacopeias, a promoter of blood circulation

and a digestive stimulant. Rice Fermented Powder is a fermented product of rice in which Monascus Purpureus went

grows. We produce Rice Fermented Powder by using no harmful rice, it is a kind of natural

food colorant, has been widely used in meat products like sausage and ham, fermented bean

curd, wine making, cakes, medicine and cosmetics etc. It can obtain ideal result due to its

features of good coloring, bright and lustrous color.

Packing :

Interior: Food grade polyethylene plastic bags

Exterior: Carton ( Size: 440 × 335 × 235mm )

Weight: Gross Weight: 26kg/bag Net Weight: 25kg/bag

Rice Fermented Powder Specifications :
1) Color value for red yeast rice: 1000 - 3000
2) Description: powder with deep red color
3) Moisture (%): ≤10
4) As (mg/kg): ≤1
5) Pb (mg/kg): ≤1.5
6) Fl. toxin Bl (ppm): ≤5
7) Total bacteria count (cfu/g): ≤5000
8) Coliform (MPN/100g): ≤30
9) E. Coli: negative
10) Salmonella (25g): negative

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