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Model No.: H441
Product Name: Humectants
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: A
Brand Name: Humectants
PriceTerms: 20 Usd per kg
Supply Ability: 50 tons
Detailed Product Description:

[ Product Introduction ]

This product is applicable for cellulose fiber and blended fabric. The processed fabric has excellent moisturizing and skin care performance,

is helpful for the promoting of skin health.

[ Main index ]

Product name

Aloe Collagen moisturizer




Translucent white liquid

Content of Amino acids condense, Fibroin and Collagen

Min 30%

Average particle size

2 μm

Ion state




[ Product features ]

Nice care and comfort performance

Moisturizing the skin


Good handing, environmental friendly

Notable washing resistance performance.

[ Using method ]

Exhausting method


Exhausting →Drying (80-110°C) →High temperature teetering (150-160°C, 30secondes).

Liquid Pickup: 70%

[ Precaution ]

The performance will play down if the drying temperature higher than the suggested level

The natural material of this product may reduce fabric's whitening performance

There may be some lees after long storage. Please shake evenly to use.

[ Packing ]

20 KG

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