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Acidity Regulator

Model No.: AR1145
Product Name: Acidity Regulator
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: A
Brand Name: Acidity Regulator
PriceTerms: 150 Usd per kg
Supply Ability: 100 ton
Detailed Product Description:


*Plant growth regulator gibberellic acid 90% TC, 20% / 10% tablet
*Competitive price and timely delivery

Hot! Gibberellic Acid 90% TC plant growth regulator

Our Gibberellic acid products include :

Gibberellic Acid 90% powder
Gibberellic Acid 20% water soluble powder
Gibberellic Acid 5grams*20% tablet
Gibberellic Acid 10grams*10% tablet
Gibberellic Acid 4% SL
Gibberellic Acid 50grams*2.7% tube
Gibberellic Acid 2grams*3.1% sachet
GA4+7, etc.

Product Name: Gibberellic Acid 90% TC

1. Chemical Analysis of GA3 90% TC:




White , odourless powder

GA3 content

90% min.

Loss on Drying

0.50 % max


+80 min

Color of solution (2:100 methanol)

Clear and colorless

Fines (Through 40 mesh)

95% min.

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